You’ve had the plan to replace your roof, and it’s time to bring the project to life. Everything from materials to labor is ready, and you’ve found a reliable roofing contractor in Louisiana you can depend on. But the big question keeps lingering on your mind: how long will the replacement take?

You wouldn’t want your roof replacement process to take longer than planned since that means spending more time and overstretching your budget. We at Ameritrust Construction have been doing roof replacement for business owners and homeowners throughout Louisiana for more than 20 years. We can ascertain that a typical roof replacement takes between 1-5 days under normal conditions.

But this depends on several factors like the complexity of your roof, size, type, roofing materials, weather conditions, design, and accessibility. We’ve discussed some of these factors below.

What Factors Determine How Long A Roof Replacement Takes?

1. Roof Type/Materials

We advise our customers to replace their roofs if a large area or the whole roof is damaged permanently. But the time it takes to replace your home’s roof depends on the type, and the time it takes to replace shingles, asphalt slate, steel, stone-coated steel, wood, or tile roofs is different.

For instance, it takes 1-2 days to reshingle a roof and 3-4 days to replace a wooden roof. Here is a list of how long it takes to replace different roof types.

2. Complexity of Your Roof

A complex roof takes longer to replace. A roof with many facets, angles, hips, valleys, and steep pitches is challenging to replace –we’ll need more time. But there’s no need to worry. Our highly-experienced technicians at Ameritrust Construction will consistently deliver.

3. Weather Conditions and Time of Year

Replacing your roof when it’s overly cold or during winter presents additional complexities, needing additional steps and precautions that translate into more time. It is advisable to schedule a roof replacement when it’s warmer. Cold weather makes roof replacement longer. It is also unsafe to work on snowy, icy, or wet roofs.

Roofing contractors don’t work in the dark. Thus, it is good to replace your roof when days are longer, like during summer.

4. The Size of Your House

Bigger homes and larger roofs take longer to replace. For instance, a roof larger than 3000 sq. ft. takes more than a day to replace.

5. Roof Accessibility

How easily can the roof contractor access your roof? Accessibility determines how workers maneuver around the site from pulling down the old roof, dumping the material, getting the new materials on site, and installing the roof.

If your home has bushes, a fence, or lacks paved surfaces near the access points, it will take longer to replace the roof.

6. Damage Level

Substantial structural damage to most of your home’s roof elements means that it will take longer to do a replacement. But if only a few details like shingles need to be replaced, we can do a replacement and get you all set within a day or a few hours.

Work With the Best Roofing Contractor in Louisiana

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