Storm Damage to Roof What Do I Do Next?

Your roof is designed to protect you against and withstand the weather all year round. It is your first line of defense against all weather elements. But there are times when Mother Nature becomes unforgiving with disasters such as storms or hurricanes that damage our homes or businesses.

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, it is difficult to predict when wind, hail, rain, or debris will hit and destroy your roof. The best thing you can do is get prepared, know the steps to follow after a disaster, and have insurance cover your home and roof against storm damage.

Here’s what to do after storm damage to your roof before a re-installation, repair, or replacement.

1. Ensure Safety

After a storm damages your roof, the first thing to do is ensure that you and everyone else are safe. If the damage is substantial and your home unsafe, it might be necessary to vacate your home or business premises.

2. Assess the Damage

Evaluate the damage to your roof by looking at leakages and holes, split beams, dents on vents, gutters, or flashing, debris, missing flashing, damaged attic, or peeling sealant. These are some tell-tale signs of roof damage. You might need to hire a reliable roofing contractor to help identify and analyze other severe signs of roof damage after a storm.

3. Contact a Reliable Roofing Contractor

A roofing contractor will help you with professional inspection for storm damage and deal with your homeowners or business owners’ insurance provider. If you are in Louisiana, you can count on us, Ameritrust Construction, for a free roof inspection and help with your insurance claim process at a fair and manageable (deductible) fee.

4. Contact Your Insurance Provider

After a roof inspection and evaluation, it’s time to contact your insurance company and file a claim. It is advisable to assess the damage –let your insurance cover for repairs or replacements, otherwise hire a roofing contractor to do the work.

But note that some insurance companies are unscrupulous and aim to maximize their revenue by refusing claims or undervaluing damage. This is where your roofing contractor or public adjuster comes in to help with making the insurance claim. 

The insurance company will send their adjuster to assess the damage and determine how much will be compensated.

We Are Glad to Help

Knowing the right thing to do after storm damage to your roof is crucial. It puts at an advantage of fixing the damage fast and conveniently. Having a reliable roofing contractor in your corner also `ensures that repairing, replacing, or re-installing your roof goes smoothly. 

The contractor will also help with the insurance claim process to ensure you get compensated for the size of the damage.

At Ameritrust Construction, we are dedicated to helping our clients with all roofing services throughout Louisiana, including dealing with their insurance providers. Please contact us today for a free roof damage assessment and inspection after a storm.